As a national cultural institution, the National Museum of Australia has a responsibility to reach regional and remote school students who are often unable to visit the Museum in Canberra due to factors such as cost and distance.

The Mobile Telepresence project provides an important opportunity for regional and remote schools connected to the NBN to enjoy a virtual visit to the Museum.

The key challenge for the Museum and CSIRO will be to design education programs and experiences which will exploit the new opportunities provided by the robot-assisted technology to excite students and stimulate learning.

"This project will allow for a rich and multifaceted visit to our Museum by audiences, including school students, right across the country.”

-- Andrew Sayers, Director of the National Museum of Australia

Our aim is to provide a compelling educational experience that is:

  • Interactive in nature by making the learning active rather than passive
  • A collaborative learning experience by encouraging students to interact with each other as well as with the learning facilitator at the Museum
  • Curriculum relevant, especially in relation to the developing Australian Curriculum
  • Enjoyable and fun, by fostering student curiosity and interest about museum objects and the stories about Australian history that they tell.

We anticipate that students will also be innately interested in the robot itself and how it works. This too will form part of the unique educational experience.