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Just did a test with Chesster, webcam cam up ok but no audio from robot to PC visitor or PC visitor to robot. - Rob1 2017-12-08 5
Thank you for the fantastic tour, Robert! Love the hotspots with additional content. We'll get the audio working next time. - Sarah 2017-08-17 10
Cracked it this time, well done, Robert - Roy Hay 2017-08-14 10
Excellent start, Robert. Once we get the sound sorted I think we will be flying. Made it 9, since I hate the word Awesome! - Roy 2017-08-02 9
Kaspar's app didn't crash in this test - looking better. - Bill 2016-10-25 10
Good test of Kaspar's new microphone. Works well. - Robert 2016-10-13 10
A good in-office test of Kaspar, everything working at both ends. Battery icon empty at 23.4v and icon flashing at 23.2. - Rob 2016-08-15 10
Thank you very much Rob :) See you soon in France via our robots :) - orange 2016-05-04 10
This tour of your national museum was awesome.... it certainly was very enriching and interactive.... the robot technology used by your museum was very innovative.... we hope that we have more sessions like these in the future... - ANKIT GUPTA 2016-01-18 10
Indeed an awesome concept. Its a great learning opportunity for my students.. - ANKIT GUPTA 2015-12-14 10